(If you see anything odd here in the next week or so, it's just me testing out a new theme.)

Finished one of the Bittersweet mittens on Sunday, here it is posing with George, my pet roving:

Mitten and George.

I made some changes to the pattern (start with 4 less stitches, add ribbing, increase after ribbing, different increase for the thumb, slightly shorter hand) and I love it!  The Morehouse Merino yarn is so lovely to work with I didn't even mind having to rip the thing out twice to get the wrist sizing right.  The yarn is undyed, made from blending fleece from black sheep and white sheep.  If I learn to produce something like this I will be very happy!

What is a good book for a beginner spindle spinner?  "Spinning for Dummies" hasn't been written yet, and I want something with lots of clear pictures.  What would you recommend?  And is there a better name than "spindle spinner"?  What's the collective noun for spinners?  A twist of spinners?  A draft of spinners?  Anyone?

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