Strolling round the mall Saturday we stopped at the sleep number bed place.  Not that we were planning to buy a horribly expansive bed, but it was fun to try them out.  It is the oddest sensation to be lying on a bed and feel it deflate beneath you, getting softer and squishier and thinking you will drown in the bed if it keeps getting softer, wondering if the air pump will malfunction and they will have to dig you out of the bed months later.  Then it's all reversed, the bed reinflates and you get to the magic point where you feel you'll be pushed off if it inflates any more.  It turns out Hubby and I share the same sleep number, and are therefore destined to share the same bed.  The sales girl was quick to point out that this did not equate to the same bed, that a 40 for him was different to a 40 for me, but I'm not buying it.  Anyone actually have one of these beds?

It's a little odd to be told you're sleeping all wrong, and you've been sleeping all wrong for years.  They had this nifty pillow (a mere $100, found it elsewhere for $40) with different height bumps at front and back for if you sleep on your side or back, and wonderful memory foam I could play with for ages.  The official word is to sleep on my side cuddling a teddy bear or hubby, with a pillow between my knees.  Not too sure about the pillow part.

The other fun thing was the free massage, at least until the chiropractor doing it called me a time bomb and said I was destined to end up a little hunchback like one of my grandmothers because my posture isn't right.  That worried me, I'm not too tall to start with.  So starting today, shoulders back, head back, and try not to overbalance.

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