Seven smallish shawls

Attempting to work my way through the sock yarn stash, I got Rosemary Hill's eBook Seven Small shawls.  The patterns are meant for sock weight yarn, and I have enough of that to make 24 pairs of socks.  There will be seven patterns, plus a few goodies, released over the course of the year.  Two are out so far, and the second one caught my eye: Maia (Ravelry link).

Started it with Artyarn Ultramerino 4 from the stash.  The yarn came from a sale when Chris Needlecraft shut down a year ago, I have 3 skeins of the imaginatively named colour 133, which means I have about 120yds extra to make the shawl a bit bigger.  Made it through the first four charts without incident, including picking up stitches and adding beads.

Maia shawlette.

Lots and lots of beads.  They are from Artbeads, silver-lined olivine 6/0 seed beads.  Hubby picked these out of the three colours I tried against the yarn.

The construction is new to me, instead of a three stitch garter border, you have a lace panel, started from a provisional cast-on.  That big O in the middle is the centre point.

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