Settling in

Sehlat sent me an email last night saying "Your blog's disappeared!"  It's all back now.  Sehlat gets a gold star for finding the blog in the few minutes after I renamed the old directory and before I created the new one while I was making the switch!


I'm now using WordPress to manage the blog, and it seems to be working.  A few quirks on the RSS import of old posts, which would have been a lot easier with a "delete multiple posts" option, but I think I like the new surroundings.  Categories, RSS feed, everything seems to be in order.  All my old data is here, but the comments weren't imported.  I have all the old comments, but you need to start talking to me again so I have some new ones.  The setup was remarkably painless.  Easier than Movable Type or Nucleus, both of which have been on this server before.  Spam blocking for comments is a wonderful feature I hope I'll never have to use.  The support wiki is wonderful!

I've put November's posts into categories, so if you go to the recipes category in the archives, you'll see both the kedgeree and my scone recipe, and my NaNoWriMo stuff is all under the writing category.   Highly nifty!  Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the new look.

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