Seraphim: Nearing the finish line

18 rows to go on the Seraphim shawl!  I am a lace chart convert now, especially since I can see how it matches up to the knitting.  Still have to check which symbol is ssk and which is k2tog, but apart from that I'm sold.  It's turning out beautifully!

Seraphim lace.

Had a horrible thought yesterday:  What if Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock doesn't take kindly to blocking and rolls up in a ball when I take the pins out.  Has anyone else blocked this yarn?  Will it hold to shape?

Picked up Sivia Harding's Follow the Leader Faroese shawl as a future lace project, thanks to Alex for the tip!  I never thought I'd be a shawl person, but knitting Seraphim has been a lot of fun.

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