Seraphim in progress

Made it over three-quarters of the way through the plain rows of Seraphim.  If it's done by October 1st I will enter it in the Loopy Ewe Q3 challenge.  Mum taught me to knit with the right needle held like a pencil, but that doesn't work with this number of stitches.  I'm trying to knit Continental instead but I can't get the purl to work yet.  My office has occasional cold spells and Seraphim is more classy than my cardigan. This is my first shawl for myself and the amount of lace is just right.  I love the gentle colour shading of the yarn!

Seraphim shawl in progress.

I have a page on Ravelry for my Seraphim, which has links to other Seraphim in progress.  I'm not much of a forum person, but I like that aspect of the site.  It doesn't replace my personal project page though.

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