Why would anyone do this?  Better yet, why would there be competition for this record?  'Scorpion woman' breaks record.

A Malaysian woman has broken a world record by spending 32 days in a glass box with more than 6,000 scorpions, her sponsor claimed on Tuesday.  Nur Malena Hassan, nicknamed Scorpion Queen, has been stung seven times since she began the stunt, in a shopping mall in Kuantan in central Pahang state.  With scorpions crawling over her body, Ms Hassan passes the time by reading, watching TV and waving to onlookers.  But she cannot make any sudden movement, or she could face the wrath of her treacherous roommates.
After five years of training, Ms Hassan has built up resistance to the scorpions' stings, but can still pass out if stung three times in quick succession.
Since starting the stunt, she has only left her box once a day for a 15-minute toilet break, as well as a two minute break on Sunday to cut her birthday cake.

She used to hold the record, then someone else took it, now she's out to regain her crown, planning to stay in there until 36 days.  Don't try this at home, or indeed anywhere.  Five years training getting stung by scorpions?  Where do you put that on a CV/resume?

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