Why do they call it a development roadmap, when calling it a feature list would be more accurate?  Map sounds more adventurous, you see Terra Incognita and "Here Be Dragons" on maps.  Chronicle now has a roadmap, going from version 0.2 (add, update, save and delete entries only) to version 1.0 (config admin, theme admin, site admin, macro admin, installer, invocation script and documentation, an hopefully free of bugs).

The St. Louis Rams football team is going to the 36th Superbowl, after winning the 34th in 2000.  The score wasn't as dramatic as last week, but a win is a win, 29 to the Philadelphia Eagles 24.

Our domain is now registered and live. belongs to us.  And I am doing a site redesign for the new address.

Still reading the caffeine book.  Tea cannot be traced back any further than China, but it didn't originate there the same way coffee didn't originate in the Middle East.  Strange to not know completely something that is so well integrated into our lives and culture.  It must be very difficult to study caffeine when almost everyone is a little bit addicted to it.  It's even in some headache pills.

Scientific American has an article this month about TV addiction, and defined a heavy "user" as someone who watches 4 hours a day, and a light user as someone who watches two or less.  I don't have four hours a day to spend sat in front of the TV.  There's books I haven't read yet, jewellery to make, programming, web sites to maintain and extend, housework, laundry, grocery shopping...  Four hours a day?  How can anyone do that?

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