RIP Dorking's white squirrel

BBC News: Squirrel's accident 'ends magic'

Residents of a Surrey town have set up a shrine and an online tribute page after a "celebrity" albino squirrel was run over.  The squirrel had lived in St Martin's churchyard off Dorking High Street for five years and was a favourite with local children and wildlife lovers.  More than 220 people have joined a Facebook page in the animal's memory since its demise last week.  A makeshift shrine has sprung up and residents hope to put up a plaque.

We used to live in Guildford in Surrey and visited Dorking every so often.  We never saw a white squirrel though.

There are some pictures of other white squirrels in Surrey on the BBC website.  The odds against a pure white squirrel are one in 100,000, but Surrey has several of them.  So much cuter than the dog-eating Russian black squirrels!

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