The Fiona Drawstring Bag is going to trade places with the Mermaid socks in my project schedule.  This is for several reasons:

  • It's spring.  I won't be wearing wool socks until autumn.
  • The Fiona knitalong starts on Saturday
  • I have a yarn store trip planned for Saturday and the store has Mission Falls 1824 Cotton
  • I need practice if I'm going to make a Fiona bag for my sister Fiona
  • My current handbag is very ratty in the handle department, not to mention boring and black.
  • Because Wendy's doing it.
  • An excuse to use my antique handle-powered sewing machine to make the lining
  • There's a nifty knitalong button
Fiona Bag Knitalong.

I'm hoping to use Chili (colour 207), or Coral (201) for the main colour, but Merlot (208) would work too, and Jade (303) as my contrast colour.  I'm not a big fan of the circular needles the pattern uses.  I used one for the Umbilical Cord hat and I didn't like it.  Sat in the dentist's waiting room with no knitters to help me (and three non-knitters eagerly watching), I couldn't figure out how to join the ends, so I used the dpns and switched to the circular later.  Apart from the sweaters I did as a teen with Mother, I'm self-taught and book-taught, but I couldn't figure it out.  Oddly the woman in the waiting room who declared knitting far to difficult for her said she does counted cross stitch, which is way over my head.  The hat turned out OK, looks cute, and was received well:

Umbilical Cord Hat.

I can't wait to see it on baby's head.  The coin at the front of the picture is either a US quarter or a UK ten pence piece, both are the same size.  The UK five pence coin is the size of a US ten cent (dime), and the penny and one cent coins are similar too.

Update 18th May

Baby born last night!

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