Spinning FO: Red BFL

Spun and plied another skein of Blue Faced Leicester, it's drying now.  I've got two skeins out of the 8oz of fibre, and there's enough left for one more smaller skein.  Apparently I spin better to classical music, but not the angry parts of Mars from Holst's Planets Suite, it makes me treadle too fast.  This is the new skein, along with my attempt at matching socks:

Red skein and socks.

I've spun Coopworth and Corriedale, I would like to try Jacob wool, that was my favourite sheep in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust booth at the Suffolk Show as a child.  Dad would get tickets for the family and we'd spend a day looking at new tractors and cars, champion sheep, pigs, and horses, wood carving displays, brickwork contests, locally produced crafts, owls and falcons from the local Raptor Society, the food tent with goats milk cheese and sheep's milk yogurt, it was a grand day out.  We used to go there and open days at Otley Agricultural College most years.  I remember seeing someone spinning on a traditional-style wheel at Otley, probably on Lambing Sunday, they had their own flock of sheep, plus other animals.

The Woodland Wool Works spinning catalog arrived with all kinds of intriguing fibres to ponder, including an amazing exotic fibres sampler.  Is llama easy to spin?  How about alpaca?  What are good non-sheep fibres to experiment with?  I'm still working on making my singles consistent, hopefully that comes with practice.

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