Read in 2023

56 total books, 12 re-reads and 8 did-not-finish.

January 2023 (3 total, 1 re-read)
T. Kingfisher, "The Twisted Ones"
Terry Pratchett, "Guards! Guards!"
James Stewart, "Dinosaur Philosophy"

February 2023 (3 total, 1 re-read)
Jonathan Stroud, "The Screaming Staircase" (Lockwood & Co #1)
Jonathan Stroud, "The Whispering Skull" (Lockwood & Co #2)
Jonathan Stroud, "The Whispering Skull" (Lockwood & Co #2)

March 2023 (2 total)
Jonathan Stroud, "The Creeping Shadow" (Lockwood & Co #4)
Jonathan Stroud, "The Empty Grave" (Lockwood & Co #5)

April 2023 (3 total)
Jonathan Stroud, "The Hollow Boy" (Lockwood & Co #3)
Jonathan Stroud, "The Creeping Shadow" (Lockwood & Co #4)
Jonathan Stroud, "The Empty Grave" (Lockwood & Co #5)

May 2023 (5 total)
Becky Chambers, "A Psalm for the Wild-Built" (Monk and Robot #1)
Zindel V. Segal, John Teasdale, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mark Williams, "The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness"
Becky Chambers, "A Prayer for the Crown-Shy." (Monk and Robot #2)
Anne Dixon, "The Weaver's Inkle Pattern Directory"
Melanie Mitchell, “Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Thinking Humans”

June 2023 (4 total, 2 rereads)
Robert Thorogood, "The Marlow Murder Club"
Richard Osman, "The Thursday Murder Club" (Thursday Murder Club #1)
Richard Osman, "The Man Who Died Twice" (Thursday Murder Club #2)
Richard Osman, "The Bullet that Missed" (Thursday Murder Club #3)

July 2023 (4 total)
John Hirst, "The Shortest History of Europe"
Sharon Blue, "Self-care is not a Bubble Bath"
Stuart Turton, "The Devil and the Dark Water"
Chip Heath, Dan Heath, "Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work"

August 2023 (10 total, 2 re-reads)
Seanan McGuire, "Sparrow Hill Road" (Ghost Roads #1)
Seanan McGuire, "The Girl in the Green Silk Dress" (Ghost Roads #2)
John Peel, "Doctor Who: Timewyrm - Genesys" (New Adventures #1)
Terrance Dicks, "Doctor Who: Timewyrm - Exodus" (New Adventures #2)
Nigel Robinson, "Doctor Who: Timewyrm - Apocalypse" (New Adventures #3)
Paul Cornell, "Doctor Who: Timewyrm - Revelation" (New Adventures #4)
Seanan McGuire, "Angel of the Overpass" (Ghost Roads #3)
Marc Platt, "Doctor Who: Cat's Cradle - Time's Crucible" (New Adventures #5)
Andrew Cartmel, "Doctor Who: Cat's Cradle: Warhead" (New Adventures #6)
Andrew Hunt, "Doctor Who: Cat's Cradle-Witch Mark" (New Adventures #7)

September 2023 (4 total)
Mark Gatiss, "Doctor Who: Nightshade" (New Adventures #8)
Paul Cornell, "Doctor Who: Love and War" (New Adventures #9)
Peter Darvill-Evans, "Doctor Who: Deceit" (New Adventures #13)
John Scalzi, "Starter Villain"

October 2023 (3 total)
John Scalzi, "Redshirts"
John Scalzi, "Old Man's War"
Isaac Asimov, "Robot Dreams"

November 2023 (7 total, 2 re-reads)
Agatha Christie, "Hallowe'en Party" (Hercule Poirot #41) (re-released as "A Haunting In Venice" to tie-in with the new movie, despite a lack of Venice in the story)
Terry Pratchett, "Going Postal" (Discworld #33, Moist Von Lipwig #1)
Amy Maricle, "Draw Yourself Calm"
Robert Sutton, "The No Asshole Rule"
Michael Bungay Stanier, "How to Work with (Almost) Anyone: Five Questions for Building the Best Possible Relationships"
Deanna Raybourn, "Killers of a Certain Age"
Terry Pratchett, "The Truth" (Discworld #25)

December 2023 (8 total, 4 re-reads)
Terry Pratchett, "Soul Music" (Discworld #16, DEATH #3)
Terry Pratchett, "Witches Abroad" (Discworld #12, Witches #3)
Terry Pratchett, "Maskerade" (Discworld #18, Witches #5)
Terry Pratchett, "Wyrd Sisters" (Discworld #6, Witches #2)
Terry Pratchett, "Equal Rites" (Discworld #3, Witches #1)
Barbara Getty, Inga Dubay, "Write Now: The Complete Program For Better Handwriting"
John Scalzi, "The Ghost Brigades" (Old Man's War #2)
John Scalzi, "The Last Colony" (Old Man's War #3)

Did not finish:
Natalie Goldberg, "Writing Down the Bones"
Anne Frank, "The Diary of a Young Girl"
Jeff Heaton, "Artificial Intelligence for Humans volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms"
Charlie N. Holmberg, "Spellbreaker"
Ryan Holiday, "Discipline Is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control"
Sarah Drasner, "Engineering Management for the Rest of Us"
Brené Brown, "Dare to Lead"
H.P. Lovecraft, "The Dunwich Horror And Other Stories"

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