Read in 2013

28 total, all new, no re-reads, 4 books left unfinished. Re-reads are in italic.

January 2013
Lee Child "Die Trying"
Thomas Sniegoski "A Kiss Before the Apocalypse"

February 2013
Lisa Lutz "The Spellman Files"
Lisa Lutz "Curse Of The Spellmans" (eBook)
Lisa Lutz "Revenge Of The Spellmans"

March 2013
Lisa Lutz "Trial Of The Spellmans"
Joey Marsocci & Allison DeBlasio "How to draw Steampunk"
Christopher Hart "Human anatomy made amazingly easy"
Rory Miller "Facing Violence" Jennifer Sights "Divided" (eBook)

April 2013
George Bridgeman "Heads, Features and Faces"
George Bridgeman "Bridgeman's Life Drawing"
George Bridgeman "The Book of a Hundred Hands"
Jack Hamm "Drawing the Head and Figure"
Marko Kloos "Terms of Enlistment" (eBook)
A. Lee Martinez "Divine Misfortune"

May 2013
Marie Phillips "Gods Behaving Badly"
Chuck Wendig "Blackbirds" (eBook)
Paul Cornell "Human Nature"

June 2013
Marie Javins "Iron Man: Extremis"
Chuck Wendig "Mockingbirds" (eBook)

August 2013
Michael Crichton and Richard Preston "Micro"

September 2013
Alastair Reynolds "Doctor Who: Harvest of Time"
Chuck Wendig "Under the Empyrean Sky" (eBook)

November 2013
Anthony Bourdain "Kitchen Confidential"
Jurgen Appelo "Management 3.0"

December 2013
Joe Hyams "Zen in the Martial Arts"
Lisa Cron "Wired for Story"

Started but not finished
Hugh Aldersey-Williams "Periodic Tales: a cultural history of the elements"
Twyla Tharp "The Creative Habit"
Ruth Edwards "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain"
Jim Al-Khalili "Paradox"

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