Read in 2011

This page is a list of books I read in 2011. Re-reads are in italic.

January 2011
John Green "Looking for Alaska"
Michael Crichton "Travels"

February 2011
Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman "Vampire Science"
Simon R. Green "The Man with the Golden Torc"
Simon R. Green "Daemons Are Forever"
Simon R. Green "The Spy Who Haunted Me"
Jonathan Blum and Kate Orman "Seeing I"

March 2011
Kat Richardson "Greywalker"
Marie Brennan "A Star Shall Fall"
Marie Brennan "Midnight Never Come"
Marie Brennan "In Ashes Lie"

April 2011
Ben Aaronovitch "Midnight Riot"
Dan Wells "I Don't Want To Kill You"
Dan Wells "I am not a serial killer"
Dan Wells "Mr Monster"

May 2011
Stephen Baxter "Emperor"

June 2011
Mary Roach "Packing for Mars"
F. Paul Wilson "The Tomb"

July 2011
F. Paul Wilson "Legacies"
Mira Grant "Deadline"
Jim Butcher "Ghost Story"
F. Paul Wilson "Conspiracies"
Tamora Pierce "Alanna: The First Adventure"
F. Paul Wilson "All The Rage"

August 2011
F. Paul Wilson "Hosts"
F. Paul Wilson "The Haunted Air"
Seanan McGuire "Late Eclipses"
F. Paul Wilson "Gateways"
F. Paul Wilson "Crisscross"

September 2011
Tamora Pierce "In The Hand of the Goddess"
Tamora Pierce "The Woman Who Rides Like A Man"
Tamora Pierce "Lioness Rampant"

October 2011
F. Paul Wilson "Infernal"
F. Paul Wilson "Harbinger"
F. Paul Wilson "Bloodline"
F. Paul Wilson "By The Sword"
Matthew Hughes "The Damned Busters"

December 2011
Christopher Fowler "Full Dark House"
Will Thomas "Some Danger Involved"
Will Thomas "To Kingdom Come"

Started, not finished
Arthur Plotnik "Spunk and Bite"
John Levitt "Dog Days"
Jonathan Barnes "The Somnambulist"
Bram Stoker "Dracula"
Michael Spencer "Mere Churchianity"
John Lindquist "Handling the Undead"

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