Read in 2007

These were all new to me, no re-reads are listed.

January 2007
Kate Fox "Watching the English"
Christopher Paolini "Eldest"

March 2007
Sergei Lukyanenko "Night Watch (Nochnoy dozor)"
Sergei Lukyanenko "Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor)"
Sophie Kinsella "Shopaholic & Baby"
Les and Leslie Parrott "I love you more"
Italo Calvino "The Baron in the trees"

April 2007
Jo Barrett "The Men's Guide to the Women's Bathroom"
Donna Wool Folk Cross "Pope Joan"
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee "Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off"

May 2007
Jim Henderson and Matt Casper "Jim & Casper go to church"
Jim Butcher "Storm Front"
Jim Butcher "Fool Moon"
Jim Butcher "Grave Peril"
Jim Butcher "Summer Knight"
Jim Butcher "Death Masks"
Jim Butcher "Blood Rites"
Jim Butcher "Dead Beat"

June 2007
Sergei Lukyanenko "Twilight Watch (Sumerechniy dozor)"
Jim Butcher "Proven Guilty"
Jim Butcher "White Knight"
Julie Kenner "Demons are forever"

July 2007
William Shakespeare "The Merchant of Venice"
Shannon McKelden "Venus Envy"
Simon R. Green "Something from the Nightside"
JK Rowling "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows"

August 2007
Clive Cussler "Sahara"
Kathy Reichs "Déjà Dead"
Rachel Caine "Ill Wind"
Bill and Pam Farrel "Men are like Waffles - Women are like spaghetti"

September 2007
Katrina Firlik "Another day in the frontal lobe"
Rachel Caine "Chill Factor"
Rachel Caine "Heat Stroke"
Rachel Caine "Windfall"

October 2007
Christine Lawson "Understanding the Borderline mother"
Rachel Caine "Firestorm"
Rachel Caine "Thin Air"

December 2007
Michael Crichton "Next"
Mark Michalowski "Doctor Who - Wetworld"
Mark Morris "Doctor Who - Forever Autumn"
Paul Magrs "Doctor Who - Sick Building"
Stephen Cole "Doctor Who - Sting of the Zygons"

Started but not finished
Philip Yancy "Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference"
Nancy Bush "Folk Socks"
Donna Druchunas "Arctic Lace"
Franz Kafka "The Castle" (never going to finish this, I hated the book with a fiery passion)
Gary Best "Naturally Supernatural"

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