Read in 2003-2005

These were all new to me, no re-reads are listed.

August 2003
Thomas Merton "New Seeds of Contemplation"

November 2003
Bill Bryson "The Mother Tongue" (finished) Informative and very funny. Bryson is a great writer, I love his style.

December 2003
Henri Nouwen "The Genessee Diary" (finished) Inside peek at life at a Trappist monastery.

January 2004
Alexandra Johnson "Leaving a Trace" (finished) Textbook for a course on journalling at Writer's Village, full of prompts and suggestions, including how to index a journal. Challenging.
Tamar Myers "Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth" (finished) Chewed through this in two sessions at Borders, light popcorn reading, the first in a mystery series. Book two didn't look nearly as good.
Max Barry "Jennifer Government" (finished) Been waiting for this in paperback, decent story of capitalism gone mad, some good characters in here too.
Debbie Stoller "Stitch 'N Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook" (finished) Modern knitting, good explanation of grafting and intarsia, and there's a local Stitch 'n Bitch group in town too.

February 2004
Tom Morrisey "Yucatan Deep" (finished) Christian fiction that doesn't suck! Also no mention of the end of the world, just a good tale about cave diving, Mayans, greed, betrayal, conversions, and personal crises. Try it, you'll like it.

March 2004
J K Rowling "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" (finished)
J K Rowling "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" (finished)
J K Rowling "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" (finished) J K Rowling "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"(finished) Mike Yaconelli "Messy Spirituality" (finished) Lucy Neatby "Cool socks, warm feet" (finished)

June 2004
Dr Laura Schlessinger "The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands" (finished)
Mike Yaconelli "Dangerous Wonder" (finished)

August 2004
Robert Ludlum "The Bourne Identity" (finished)
Robert Ludlum "The Bourne Supremacy" (finished)

October 2004
Chris Baty "No plot? No problem!" (finished)
Tristine Rainer "Your Life As Story"

November 2004
Natalie Goldberg "Thunder and Lightening" (finished)
Debbie Stoller "Stitch 'n Bitch Nation" (finished)

December 2004
Liz Curtis Higgs "Bad Girls in the Bible" (finished)
Brian Greene "The Elegant Universe"
Henri Nouwen "The Genessee Diary" (re-reading)
Terry Pratchett "Going Postal" (finished)

January 2005
Malcolm Gladwell "Blink" (finished)
Douglas Adams "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" (finished)

March 2005
Mark Haddon - The curious incident of the dog at night time (finished)
Marcia Lewandowski - Folk Mittens (finished)
Natalie Goldberg "Wild Mind" (finished)
Sophie Kinsella "Confessions of a shopaholic" (finished)
Shaunti Feldhahn "For women only - what you need to know about the inner lives of men" (finished)

April 2005
Sophie Kinsella "Shopaholic takes Manhattan" (finished)
Sophie Kinsella "Shopaholic ties the knot" (finished)
Sophie Kinsella "Shopaholic and sister" (finished)
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee "At Knits End" (finished)
Sophie Kinsella "Can you keep a secret?" (finished)
Bev Galeskas "The Magic Loop" (finished) (sock knitting technique)

May 2005
Eric Sandras "Buck Naked Faith"
Don Williams "12 steps with Jesus"

July 2005
JK Rowling "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" (finished)

August 2005
Cheryl Oberle "Folk Shawls" (finished)
Myrna Stahman "Stahman's Shawls and scarves" (finished)
Eric Brende "Better Off" (finished)
Mitch Albom "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" (finished, horribly depressing book)

September 2005
Sophie Kinsella "The Undomestic Goddess" (finished)
William Zinsser "Writing about your life" (finished)

November 2005
Stephen King "On Writing" (finished)
Lloyd Rose "The Algebra of Ice"(finished)
Lance Parkin "The Gallifrey Chronicles" (finished)
Amy Singer "Knit Wit" (finished)

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