Rare books online

Original Alice work in 3D online.

The original handwritten manuscript of what became Alice in Wonderland has been put online using software to virtually turn the pages.  Alice's Adventures Under Ground, by Lewis Carroll, is the latest 3D addition to the British Library's Turning the Pages collection of books.  Using Flash technology, the manuscript can be virtually "handled", while audio is played simultaneously.
Fourteen rare books and manuscripts are now in the Turning Pages collection.  Alice joins the Diamond Sutra, Jane Austen's History of England, the Leonardo Notebook, the Lindisfarne Gospels and the Mercator Atlas of Europe among others.  The Lindisfarne Gospels were the first of the British Library delicate and rare manuscripts to go digital in 1998. Since then, the page-turning technology to make the books more "real" online has been refined.  The technology gives the public a chance to almost touch works which would otherwise be untouchable inside glass cabinets.

British Library Turning the Pages, finally there's a good use of Flash on a web page!

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