Random round up

The end is nigh, I'm working on the toe of Sehlat's second sock.  It will be done before NaNo, two months late but still before Christmas.  I love making socks, I just wish I could do it faster than two months a pair.  I have three other pairs planned, one wool/hemp/mohair pair for me, one wool/cotton pair for Hubby, a pair of Mermaid socks for me, just in case of nuclear winter.  Don't even mention the other unfinished projects.

There's a local ISP that we think has a dodgy routing table and every so often, like last night, something goes haywire and we can't get to our webserver in New York.  Fix it guys, please.

Would you give someone your last Rolo?  Does it still count if you start the packet at the other end and give away the last Rolo first?  What if you melted all the Rolos into a heart shape and handed out slices?

NaNoWriMo preparations:

  • List of things I like in novels: check
  • List of things I hate in novels: check
  • Plot outline: 90% done
  • All the tedious background details: check
  • Detector of gaping plot holes and logical inconsistencies: check (Hubby)
  • Good novel for reference: Sundiver by David Brin
  • Cheerleading team: check (Hubby and Roxanne)
  • Nifty progress graph: check (sidebar)
  • Fellow crazies signed up: check (Carrie, Delayra, Nightmare)
  • Snacks and treats: wait until November
  • Laptop or desktop computer: check (Win98 laptop)
  • Word count software: check (Word or UltraEdit)
  • Invisible guilt monkeys to make sure I finish: check
  • Sehlat's Socks completed: working on toe of second sock
  • Stress relief knitting: check (Coronet hat)

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