Random bits

Chronicle has been seriously refactored, and now runs as a stand-alone executable JAR file.  Huge improvement, start up time is well down, and a 0.25 release is in the works.  This is what happens when Hubby gets into Extreme Programming in a big way.

Roxanne left with the Rio Grande catalogue last night, we may never see her again because of all the distracting shiny things.

Add four friends, the Lord of the Rings DVD, lots of pizza and the subwoofer we never dared to turn on in the apartment, and you get a great evening.  Not to mention the cat getting head, shoulders and both front legs all the way into Larry's shoe, and returning to it every time she was pulled away.

My touch typing is getting much better, though I doubt I'll get any awards for correct style and form.  Big improvement on the six finger hunt and peck.

And it's a three day weekend!  American national holidays are always a surprise.  Hey Lara, when's the next one, and when are you coming over?

And to the twit who put in Self magazine that September is when the AC goes off, I challenge you to come to St Louis in September and live without AC.  You'll melt.  As have the tarmac car parks, and the ice, within five minutes of it leaving the freezer.

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