Quick coaster pattern


One reference coaster

Size 7 needles (Or larger, I knit really tightly)

1 ball of Lily Sugar n Cream

Cast on 21 stitches.  Work four rows in knit 3 purl 3  rib.  Work four rows in purl 3 knit 3 rib.  Continue until  size matches the reference coaster.  Cast off loosely, weave in ends.  You can get six coasters from one ball of Sugar n Cream, plus a long i-cord to tie the bundle together.


One of my tips in Stitch n Bitch Nation was "Design something.  Even if it's just a coaster."  I designed and knit a set of six different coasters for my sister, this is one of the designs.  A co-worker asked for something knitted, this is what she'll get in the morning.)

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