Projects in all directions

The second Elfine lace sock is coming along nicely (though you can't see the pattern on sock #1 in the photo), and I'm planning something different for the next pair: Sweet Georgia yarn in Slayer red from The Loopy Ewe.  I'll be putting slow irregular cables up the sides, like rivulets of blood.  Sweet Georgia had other Whedon-themed yarn (Angel, Willow, and Firefly), but I've wanted to knit the Slayer for ages.  Glad I snagged it before she went on hiatus!

Sock, yarn, and kit.

Ordered a spin your own socks kit from Susan's Spinning Bunny, and I'm totally charmed by the fact that the roving came as two chunks, the original piece split lengthways so the colours will match when you ply.  It's merino/tencel in Clematis, and the roving feels slippery.  Also included was a good pattern and a set of wooden dpns.  Spinning sock yarn is my next challenge.

Writer's Village University has a course I'm planning to take: Writing the Mystery Short Story.  Class starts on Feb 28th for 6 weeks and at the end of the class you'll have mystery story of 1500 words.  I've never written mystery before, so I'll post it here for feedback when it's done.  It's been ages since I took a WVU course, and they're good fun, especially if you get a lively class message board.

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