Progress and lack thereof

It seems Chronicle doesn't actually save entries.  I have to sync the data model with the text area before saving, but the text area isn't public.  Everything still needs to be able to dump to a local XML file which will be fine once this minor *cough* problem is fixed.  Once it's sorted, dumping to a database will be fine, loading shouldn't be too hard either.  The hard part will be the XSL transform and the publishing.  Joy.  My Java book has instructions for a Java spelling checker but no sample code.  I found three or four commercial ones costing upwards of $200.  At least the GUI is complete, apart from the options and settings dialog.

Norton Internet Security is what's preventing me from seeing BlogSnob links, though I have no idea why.  Most of it is turned off, when I do turn stuff back on it blocks Mozilla and Eudora, despite claiming to allow them free access.  Useless article.  The router does most of the job of keeping us safe from those nasty crackers.

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