Pondering disciplines part 2

Henri Nouwen in "Creative Ministry" says there are five different areas of ministry.  There is some overlap with Richard Foster's disciplines:

Areas of ministry: teaching, preaching, counseling, organizing, and celebrating.

I think you teach the believers and preach to everyone else, but "preach" has some negative connotations.  I was surprised to see counseling in the list, and organising.  So long as I have my agenda book thing, I can organise.  Without it I flounder and have a tendency to double book myself and forget things like wedding showers.  It is Godly to be organised?  Probably not to plan every minute with military precision.  (Odd phrase that, "military precision," especially when the military often uses weapons not renowned for precision, like grenades and bombs.)  If you plan everything, where do you plan in God.  Some churches have everything running to schedule and woe betide God if He shows up and messes up the timing.  But you need some structure and order.  We crave both, look for both in nature and science.  Atoms are pretty well organised, only a set amount of electrons per shell, well defined properties, we know what happens if you drop another neutron in, or take one away, all is order until you get into the quantum physics, then all bets are off.

Turning up in Borders in the middle of a renovation you never know quite what you'll find.  That irks me, I'm the person that will surreptitiously re-alphabetise the books when no-one's looking.  Worked in my university library one summer doing the yearly tidy up, where you work through all five floors and re-alphabetise the books, rescue the ones lost between shelves, extract all the math textbooks from the fiction sections and generally tidy up.  Two weeks into the new term all is chaos again, but it helps.  I think chaos isn't what God intends for us.  It's stressful not knowing where you're going and where you're meant to be.  God created order out of chaos, and reversed entropy.  We're designed for order.

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