Places to go

I was flicking through a book in Borders last night, "1003 great things about America" by Lisa Birnbach, Patricia Marx, and Ann Hodgman, and I found the section on place names.  This is a list of the gems that I would love to visit:

  • Unalaska, Alaska
  • Why, Arizona
  • Toadsuck, Arkansas
  • Hygiene, Colorado
  • Between, Georgia
  • Beer Bottle Crossing, Idaho
  • Roachtown, Illinois
  • Toadhop, Indiana
  • Fickle, Indiana
  • Beaverlick, Kentucky
  • Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky
  • Waterproof, Louisana
  • Boring, Maryland
  • Chunky, Mississippi
  • Bad Axe, Michigan
  • Climax, Minnesota
  • Tightwad, Missouri
  • Useful, Missouri
  • Square Butt, Montana
  • Worms, Nebraska
  • Elephant Butte, New Mexico
  • Hicksville, New York
  • Toast, North Carolina
  • Concrete, North Dakota
  • Idiotville, Oregon
  • Panic, Pennsylvania
  • Mooseup, Rhode Island
  • Coward, South Dakota
  • Defeated, Tennessee
  • Bucksnort, Tennessee
  • Ding Dong, Texas
  • Satan's Kingdom, Vermont
  • Big Ugly, West Virginia
  • Muddy Gap, Wyoming

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