Pirates in Progress

Started a pair of Pirate Mittens for my next colourwork project.  I'm using Dale Heilo in mink and light sheep heather:

Pirate mitten.

Slow going, but I love the elegant look of the ribbing and the palm.  And there's a skull, right there!  Went up a needle size for the main part of the mitten.  The ribbing is snug on my wrist, the rest is a bit looser.  I'm keeping the floats no more than three stitches long and knitting it inside out (a tip from Ravelry users).  Accidentally flipped the colours between cuff and palm, but I think I'll do the other mitten correctly.

I feel a lot more confident about doing the Anemoi mittens now!  I've also been eyeing some patterns in Terry Shea's Selbuvotter book.

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