Photo Op

It may come as a surprise, but I do own an ironing board.  Comes in handy for photo shoots, blocking recalcitrant scarves, storing things on, all kinds of uses.  Even ironing occasionally.  This is the first Fair Isle I ever did, impaled on the ironing board.  It really worked, after much cussing, poking myself in the finger with the sharp end of the needle, reading, research, whining, cups of tea, and stress.  I was hoping it would be a pulse warmer, but it looks closer to an iPod cosy in size.  It won't fit around even my wrist.

First Fair Isle.

I got tired of the snowflake designs on the Winter 2004 IK Nordic pulse warmers, so I went for a Greek theme for the next attempt, and back to the tiny needles specified in the pattern.  This is the first border:

Second Fair Isle.

And I have something that made me laugh after a day of waiting for the phone call that never came:

The Book.

The Book has landed in St Louis, Missouri.  It took two shop assistants searching the store to find it, but I like it.  Thanks Stephanie!

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