Penultimate 2005 post

Met up with Patty on Saturday, she moved from St Louis to York some months ago.   It was great to see her, I could stop the usual American translations and talk British with her.  It was a blast!  And she brought chocolate too.  We're returning to the home of the Cadbury's vending machine.

We fly to England tomorrow.  The cats will freak out when they see the suitcases.  Quantum will get into a case and generally hamper the packing process.  Tangle will hide in the shoe closet, or under the bed, or in the basement.  They're going to miss us.  Going to England is odd, it's not home anymore, but it is the country we know best.  Driving on the other side of the road isn't so hard after the first few minutes.

There's a shopping list of stuff to get while we're there, and food to eat.  I'm taking my Koigu scarf to knit on the main flight, and my Christmas present from Sehlat, "The Greek Myths" by Robert Graves, to read.  The Harvest Rock socks will be in checked luggage to work on while I'm there.  I've started the heel on the first toe up sock, so I'll probably finish one while I'm there.

The food list is:

  • Bacon butties (real Danish bacon.)
  • Sausages
  • Black pudding
  • Pepperami (It's a bit of an animal!)
  • Ginsters Buffet Bar (please tell me they still make those!)
  • Cornish pasties
  • Steak and kidney pies
  • Chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle (approved by the Vegetarian Society because it's never been near a chicken.)
  • Indian food
  • Hazelnut yogurt
  • Tesco's apple doughnuts
  • Milk bottle sweets
  • Treacle pudding and custard

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