PDA, Herbs, Penguins, and Code

Woohoo!  On Monday I start playing with someone's old Palm, he upgraded to a Sony Clié and doesn't need it any more.  Thank you!  Now I have to learn to write, Palm style.  From playing in Best Buy yesterday, I can write Palm style with either hand reasonably well, but my left is slower.  No surprises there, I was made to stop using it when I was five, so the fine muscle control really needs work.  When the teacher said "Your right hand is the hand you write with" she bequeathed on me two right hands and no left.  Thanks Mrs Smith, I'm still working on that one.  Left is the hand with the wedding ring, which is my other right hand.  I think.

Found tins of caffeinated Penguin Mints in World Market when I went to get a pot of herbes de provence.  Got a nasty shock, there's lavender in herbes de provence!  Lavender!  I've been putting that stuff in stew for years and never knew!  Lavender smells of little old ladies, like Crabtree and Evelyn, no matter how they try to jazz up the look of the place with glass and chrome.  Anyway, you can also get decaffeinated Penguin mints, or Penguin Lights, which seems more than a little odd.

Hubby says I can do the splitting into day thing in Chronicle's XSL template file.  This is good.  Changing the database now would have meant going through about a hundred entries and adding extra info.  So I can concentrate on finishing the last dialog and doing the v0.3 release, knowing that all we need to do for v0.4 is get it uploading to remote sites.  Release early, release often, and make it look good.  Make it look simple, intuitive, easy to use.  Make pigs fly and elephants dance "Swan Lake" on a football pitch in Wimbledon Common.

Hubby's old email signature:

All deadlines are met.

All targets achieved.

All staff are getting on swimmingly.
All pigs are fed and ready to fly.

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