Ongoing with Eris

Still in the raglan increases.  Counted nearly 300 stitches to make sure I was on track, and everything's fine (though my interpretation of "repeat twice" needs a little work).  Really looking forward to getting the arms and body divided!  Each row is taking an ice age to knit.  Waist shaping on the pattern is a nice touch.  This is the current state, modelled by my knitting bag:

Eris cardigan in progress.

The bag was a gift from Hubby for Christmas a few years ago and it's bigger on the inside.  Eris won't fit in my Knittiotherapy sock bag, and the plastic carrier bag was lacking in style.  I'm still on gauge for the stitches but not the rows, which is the same as my swatch.  I've had at least one lying swatch but this one seems honest. It's just dawning on my how large Eris will be.  I have eight skeins of yarn for it, that's 800g, which is nearly a kilogram of yarn!

I have some calculations to do for the sleeves.  I don't want them to be too long and I also don't want the cuffs to be too floppy, so I'll have to rework the decreases.

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