On a cabling kick

(Record-breaking snow on Saturday 15th December in St Louis.  We're fine, it's melting  today.)

All I want from a hat is that it keeps my hair dry and doesn't make me look like an  idiot.  Making a Shedir hat (from the Knitty Breast Cancer special) in Rowan Felted Tweed.  Shedir is supposed to replace my fleece  earflaps hat, and it's a serious whack of cabling!  I left out one repeat after trying it  on.  The chart made more sense than the written instructions about moving stitches back on  some rounds.

Shedir hat.

Picked up some Shibui Knits Anime yarn  for socks for Janice.  I had no idea she'd chose a yarn so bright!  There will be a picot  hemmed top, then the I  Love Gansey pattern (Ravelry link) from the Six Sox Knitalong.  You can  get the pattern if you join the knitalong.

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