Odds and socks

Watching Gothika on DVD last night, scary movie.  The DVD player got to one point on the film and refused to go any further.  It also refused to open the tray and spit out the offending disc, or respond to any commands other than shut down.  Highly odd, and more than a little creepy given the film is about a vengeful ghost who is quite proficient at operating computers, doors, and lighting systems.

But while not-looking at the screen during scary bits, I managed to start and finish this:

It's a mini sock about 2 inches from cuff to heel, using the Mermaid sock pattern from Lucy Neatby's "Cool socks, warm feet."  I'm working on the pair, which will be released in a local geocache as a Travel Bug.  It's going to be called "Hiking Socks" or "Itchy Feet," Hubby hasn't decided on a goal for it yet.  My travel bug went from St Louis to Southern England, via Chicago and Florida.  We're hoping this one gets a decent distance jumping from cache to cache.

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