Now, May 2024


Charles Duhigg, "Supercommunicators"
Shane Parrish, "Clear Thinking”
Maryville University classes in:
• Data Visualization
• Experimental design

W.i.S.H. is a new India pop girl band who have released two singles, Lazeez (Delicious) and Galti (Mistake), I love both of them! The lyrics blend Hindi and English, the dance moves are fun with elements of Indian dance, it’s catchy, frothy, pop. A BBC article says:

The world has seen the rise of J-pop and K-pop, but could I-pop be next to take over the global charts? That's the aspiration of Indian girl group W.i.S.H. - an acronym of World inka Stage Hai, or "the world is their stage". The foursome - Ri, Zo, Sim, and Suchi - are said to be India's first mainstream girl group in more than 20 years.

Thinking about

I am done with class 11 of 12 for my master’s degree, and I get the summer off! What to do with all that free time? So far I’m reading and knitting more.


Attended the 3rd annual Midwest Fiber Festival at the end of April, no classes this year but great to see returning vendors and new ones, to browse with friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

I have a day off planned for the 7th annual St Louis Pen Show at the end of June, and an art class booked for learning hoot draw Celtic Knots.

Craft and Creating

Still working on the Seven Tees cardigan, making the body longer before I start the sleeves. The pattern had ridiculously narrow sleeves, so I had to adapt it to make them big enough for arms with a t-shirt.

Made the Lego Hokusai’s Great Wave set, the original piece of art that led me into Japanese art to find Hasui Kawase, Hiroshi Yoshida, Kasamatsu Shiro, Koitsu Tsuchiya, Toshi Yoshida, and Utagawa Hiroshige. The Lego set has multiple layers to look three-dimensional, using white leaves and birds to make the waves frilly.

I sewed one zipper pouch with a side zip pocket from a YouTube tutorial, I have plans for two more and one will be gifted. I prefer to use a heavier weight fabric for the outside than quilting cotton, a cotton and linen blend is nice.

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