Now, 4th June 2016

Thinking aboutScala. I'm new on a team doing a Scala project and learning how to write code and tests. It bothers me when training for Scala spends half the time saying how dumb and awful Java is, there's no need for that. I felt a lot better about Scala after a day spent doing mob programming working on a REST endpoint, and then explaining my Hello World Scala code to one of the other QAs on the team. I'm back in beginner mode and it was jarring at first.

Stimuli and inputReading The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, feels like Agile software development for businesses.

Shawn Blanc's Focus Course is starting a June camp where a group of people goes through the course day by day. I'm looking forward to that, I stalled on day 12 on my first time through. I have a new Baron Fig notebook and some time set aside to get the course done.

Craft and unnecessary creatingPicked up Doodle Drawing by Sarah Skeate and Craft-a-Doodle by Jenny Doh, using both books to create cute aliens and monsters on sticky notes. I'm using Sharpies and ballpoints.

Been baking a lot of scones and rock cakes, refining the recipes to get something tasty. Went strawberry picking the last weekend in May and made jam, only the second time in our marriage we've done that.

Exercise and healthI am a first degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo! You can call me Shodan, it means "beginning level." My instructor is refining the 120 techniques list down to ten or so that really work for me, and I'm back to getting sparring lessons.

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