Now, 25th July, 2016

Thinking aboutMy lightening talk on Risk Analysis and RFC 1149 for the first Asynchrony Labs internal conference on Friday 15th July. This is the first talk I've done where I've been recorded. There was applause, I survived.

Stimuli and inputPeter Drucker's article Managing Oneself from the Harvard Business Review was published as a small paperback. It is the first book I remember reading with a highlighter pencil in hand, and I wrote notes as I read. Interesting book, I prefer a much shorter feedback loop than 9-12 months. My librarian soul shudders at marking up a book, but a work friend described sharing a book between their siblings, each one marking up with a different colour, so that the book becomes a conversation between them.

Craft and unnecessary creatingAfter a long stretch of hats and scarves, I'm working on toys. Made two of the My Little Slug pattern for work, a hedgehog for me, and an elephant toy for a friend. Looking at a mouse next, from Rebecca Danger's book 50 Yards of Fun.

Now that I'm finished with The Focus Course (well worth, it but way easier if done in a group than solo), the morning drawing habit can come back. I've missed it.

Exercise and healthI deadlifted 95lb for 8 reps, two sets. I've never been a weights person, but it is a good workout. My personal torturer switched me from Sparkpeople to MyFitnessPal, because you can share the food diary way more easily. I confessed to the Tim Horton's maple donut before he saw it.

Embarking on an experiment to have a set breakfast for a week to see what effect that has on my weight, if any. One sweet potato, and one roast chicken patty, protein and carbs.

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