Nonsense on food labels

"Organic sea salt"

Salt is a mineral, so it can't be organic because organic stuff comes

from organisms.  I think they meant to say "natural sea salt"

which is better, but it's still plain old sodium chloride, two pretty nasty

chemicals if you meet them separately.  Salt is salt, whether it comes from

a mine, or the sea, or mixing the two chemicals in a lab.  "Natural" just means you didn't mix it in a laboratory.

"Soybeans are one of the most whole foods on Earth"

So everything else is a partial food?  I've been eating fractions my

whole life?  Probably they were aiming for words like "natural" or "unmodified," but "whole" sounds silly

"A high source of ..."

Off the same label as the "whole food" one, what about good

source?  Or plentiful source?  High source says to me the thing gives you a

lot of whatever it's a source of only when you can't reach it.

A little more thought people, please!

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