New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge

I don't normally make extensive New Year's resolutions, beyond my annual "I will not stab anyone in [insert year here]."  I borrowed that one from Rachel Herron in 2010 and it is a worthy goal worth re-committing to each year (I never resolve not to punch or kick anyone, because that would take all the fun out of sparring class).  It's a little odd to be thinking of resolutions before Christmas but I have a reason.

A friend is hosting a New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge, from 26th December to 31st January, and also a read-a-long of Charles Duhigg's book The Power of Habit, starting 2nd January.  That  sounds like a good book to read, because I want to install a regular exercise habit outside the karate studio, and my creative writing is greatly helped by having a deadline to work towards.

New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge.
So many New Year’s Resolutions falter within days of January 1. Readers know that one way to sustain resolve and focus is to read a book on the topic. The goal of this challenge is to build a community around reading books to support our New Year’s Resolutions so that we can share book ideas and encourage each other in our pursuits.
Joy Weese Moll

My 2013 resolutions are:

  1. I will not stab anyone in 2013 (note this says nothing about 2014, I only have to be restrained for a year.  I can do that).
  2. I will get my 3rd degree brown belt in Chinese Kenpo karate (I'm in reviews, so this should be doable fairly quickly).
  3. I will lose 10 pounds and keep it off.
  4. I will knit primarily from stashed (already bought) yarn.
  5. I will finish book #2 and write book #3 of my trilogy.

Books that support those resolutions might include:

On the weight resolution, I lost 20 pounds and two dress-sizes in 2012, and the last 10 is proving problematic.  Spark People has been a great help in tracking what I eat and setting calorie allowances based on my level of activity.  Three and a half hours of karate a week didn't fix my weight, but tracking what I ate did.

I resolved to knit primarily from the stash in 2012, and I've completed 16 projects from stashed yarn so far, making it a pretty successful resolution.  The yarn I've bought this year has been mainly for projects made soon after purchase, and I've queued up a few stranded colour-work projects that will stretch my abilities.  Colour-work has long been my nemesis, but I will prevail.

We'll see how this goes.

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