New yarn

Got the new Patternworks catalog Monday, all glossy pictures of yarn and projects to tempt you away from the faithful UFOs waiting for your attention.

Does anyone know the number of the colour of yellow, orange, blue, and green Koigu on the cover?  I love the colours but I'm having trouble picking it out on the Koigu page, which is somewhat misleading.  Last time I got pink yarn when I thought I was getting red.  Not that it's bad pink, I'm just not a pink-wearing person unless my friend Anna is involved with the shopping, forces me into buying it, and checks up on me afterwards.  I wouldn't mind, but I get more compliments on my one and only pink shirt than anything else in my wardrobe...

A new yarn in the catalog caught my eye: Elsebeth Lavold's Hempathy.  I think it would make a fantastic lace scarf, the colours are good, and it's washable hemp!  Yes, I am contemplating knitting a lace scarf for myself.  A small one.  Any pattern suggestions?  I'm not doing another Faina for a very long time.  Maybe a Clapotis with alternating colours?

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