New words for the decade after the 90s

BBC News: Know your Fids from your Kippers?

The 80s was the generation of Yuppies (young, urban professionals) and the 90s sprouted Sitcoms (single income, two children, oppressive mortgage). Now the 21st Century has its own lingo.  So you think you know what an iPod and a Kipper are? Think again. When it comes to 21st Century lingo, the first has nothing to do with music and the second is in no way related to fish.  An exploration of how language has developed is part of a new BBC Four documentary series looking at how the world has changed in the last decade. Do you know what these 10 examples stand for?

Their new words are iPods, Yads, Ski, Neets, Mss, Kippers, Fid, Fud, Mos, Kgoy.  It's interesting that half of them relate to money.

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