New UFOs

Started a scarf last Sunday with South West Trading Company Karaoke in Rainbow.  The yarn is half wool, half soy silk, and the thickness varies from light sportweight through chunky.  It is soft and shiny but splitty, the yarn isn't plied and you can leave some of the fibres behind if you're not careful.  I love the colours.  It is easier to rip the whole thing than drop one stitch to fix it because the loose fibres get stuck together (tried both, knitting without due care and attention).  Working on size US7 needles with a moss stitch border, and mistake rib in the middle.

Soy scarf and a new sock.

The other new project is Fortissima Mexiko socks (colour 9069, Kacktus) in my usual Sherman socks pattern.  These are for Susan, started on Tuesday, working centre-pull so the next colour is a surprise.  So far, so good, no yarn rebellion this time, but I couldn't replicate that crazy blue and white toe if I tried.  Fraternal twins coming right up. Maybe this is the pattern the yarn wanted all along.  The colours make me think of jars of lemon curd, and strawberry pie on willow pattern plates in an English country garden.  I really like self-striping yarn, couldn't stop on Tuesday until I hit the yellow section.  The yarn has a really long repeat.

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