New Mac build

I got a shiny new Mac laptop for work use this week, and was thinking about the stuff you put on a machine to make it useful. This is my current set of necessary-for-work software:

Homebrew (to get everything else) ChromeFirefoxGit (to get code in progress) Node.js (to get npm, and all the other hundreds of node modules) Java (trying v9) Gradle (was a PITA to get working, needed manual config) IntelliJ IDEA community edition (to make sure Java and Gradle are both working, took some tweaking) Visual Studio Code (nifty for JS work) iTerm2MS Office and OneDrive The Slack app

It is a very different list to a few years ago. Android Studio isn't currently needed on the work machine, Sublime was supplanted by VS Code, and Node is a relative newcomer.

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