New layout

Outside the footer, not a table statement in sight!

All I need to do now is convert 40+ pages to using a table-free, CSS 2 column layout.  Thanks go to's CSS layout, which I have gratefully snaffled, to for the CSS positioning tutorial, and to the noodle incident for pointing the way to both of the other sites and giving me hope that it could be done.  In theory the new layout is more accessible because everything is just straight text and you get the content before the navigation.

It might get a little messy around here while I make the change.  UltraEdit's "Replace in Files" feature is my friend.  Incidentally, UltraEdit is the best Windows text editor I've used, especially the syntax highlighting, column mode, FTP up and download, and UK spell check features.  It can spell check in American too, and a pile of other languages.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think about the new layout.

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