Needles and colours

My sock needle has died, it is an ex-needle.  Back in May 2005 I bought an Addi size 1 needle for Magic Loop socks, and loved it.  It made 12 pairs of socks and a nose warmer, but the plating wore off and the needles bent every time I used them.  I walked into one of my favourite yarn stores this week (Chris' Needlecraft), and walked out with a new sock needle for free!  The needles have a lifetime guarantee.

Snagged some Sweet Georgia Superwash in Slayer from The Loopy Ewe this week, the yarn is blood red with darker patches.  It might make a good first project for the new needle.

Hope asked what colours you'd have for your favourite fictional characters, since Sweet Georgia also has colours for Angel, Willow, and River.  My favourite Firefly character was Jayne Cobb.  Any yarn colour for him would have to include gold, orange, and red for that cunning hat, but I'd put chunks of gunmetal grey too, for all the guns, knives, and grenades he carried.  For Vamp Willow (The Wish and Doppelgängland), I'd have charcoal grey, dark blood red, and a touch of regal purple.

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