NaNoWriMo week 4

Had a few off days, then stayed at home while Paul went to the St Louis Night of Writing Dangerously, from 5pm to 11pm at MoKaBees.  I can't do late nights, but I did get 4165 words done and hauled myself back on track for my 60k story.  Everything is going horribly wrong for all my characters, a group of them are relying on a stray cat for guidance, and even the bad bureaucrat guy is in trouble with his boss.

Novelling has taken a back seat because I'm testing for my karate purple belt today!  I can catch up by month end.

I found the missing little camera!  We have the hulking great Nikon D90 DSLR but it's not a "stick it in the purse in case you see an awesome sunrise" pocket-sized thing.  This is Bournemouth Pier, taken several years ago:

Bournemouth Pier, December 2005.

It was December on a blisteringly cold day.  Someone was out surfing, everyone else was bundled up in coats and scarves.  There was that smell of sea salt, seaweed, fish and chips from up the shore, spray from the sea, and wet sand.  I love the beach, even in winter.  There's a lone seagull flying

above the beach.

I like this "picture a week" thing, I plan to keep it up.  Old pictures first, then new ones as I take them.

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