NaNoWriMo 2011 - Can't stop the story

I don't think I'm going to finish this story at the end of the month, but I am going to finish it, and the third part of the trilogy, then edit the whole lot, possibly using a Holly Lisle course, How to revise your novel.

Tuesday 22nd
46521 words, 2175 today.  Writing after karate, trying to reduce my deficit from taking yesterday off.  Skipped ahead and worked on a fun scene, then went back and added a new character to keep a viewpoint in one location after two other characters left there.

Wednesday 23rd
49016 words, 2495 today.  Have made up for skipping Monday, I'll probably be able to validate on Friday and "win" but I won't be happy till the story is over.  I like this one, some characters have turned out to be really conflicted.

Thursday 24th
50160 words, 1144 today.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Writing while checking on the caramelising condensed milk for banoffee pie.  I made the 50k goal, but the story still has a way to go.  I feel justified in slacking off my 2000 words a day pace now.

Friday 25th
50160 words, 0 today.  Black Friday, took the day off.

Saturday 26th
53451 words, 3291 today.  Started at the Crooked Tree write-in, continues at Kaldi's in Chesterfield valley.   Good things happening to the story, still a long way to go.

Sunday 27th
56203 words, 2752 today.  Wrote at the Clayton Bread Co write-in with headphones on, much better attendance this week.  Story is coming along nicely.  Skipped ahead and wrote a couple of good scenes, then had to go back and fill in the blanks.

Monday 28th
56851 words, 648 today.  According to the My Month stats widget, Mondays are bad writing days for me.  Wrote a good scene and filled in a gap between scenes.  Hubby crossed the 50k and validated tonight!

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