Tweets for the week of November 27th

  • 100 pages and a foggy sunrise photo this morning, got Long Two Kata RIGHT last night.  Good times.
  • Owl City is my new favourite band, and SO unlike the other stuff I listen to.  Love Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight
  • Found my little camera in a pile of cables!  It had pictures of Yellow Cat on from May.  Got my point and shoot back.
  • 4165 words in one day, totally brainfried.  Back on pace for my 60k story, need to stop before I write 500 words about bacon.  45040 total.
  • Testing for purple belt Wednesday evening.  Gulp!
  • Skived off from novel writing to go practice kata and techniques for tomorrow night's test.
  • Things that make me twitchy: people standing directly behind me, possums (dead or alive), and grammatical and typographical errors.
  • Got my karate purple belt last night, not a beginner now! Need to get over the nervousness and forgetting to breathe part now.
  • Re-read ch8-10 on the novel to get my momentum back, it's not half bad! Planning to validate tomorrow and finish the story next week
  • I won NaNoWriMo 2009! Now to finish the story...

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