Great post on Ian's Messy Desk, a list of You know you're living in 2003 when...

One of my best friends sent me a York Peppermint Patty through company internal mail yesterday, hand delivered by the mail guy.  I'd never had one before and it was wonderful.

There was a brief power cut last night, every light in the house and every light across the street went out.  Total darkness like when they turn the lights off in Meramac Caverns and you're way underground.  It was shocking how dark it was.

Don't put me on hold for five minutes, then come back and say "How did you spell your last name again?" when I've already spelled out my last name for you and I'm tired of your crappy music and waiting for you to deign to honour your paying customer with your precious attention.  I hate being on hold almost as much as I hate voicemail menus.

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