Got sick, got better, got sick again, am still sick.  Snow on ground, freezing cold office, ice in the air, no sunlight for days on end, temperature below freezing most of the week.  Right now 110F/43C heat and wet-blanket humidity of summer sound wonderful.

Pictures of London as it used to be, from PhotoLondon.  I've never seen Trafalgar Square this empty, or Piccadilly Circus filled with horses and carriages. (link via Jordon Cooper)

Finished knitting my sock, working on the pair now.  Think I've got it figured out.

My first hand-knitted sock.

Pastor found this while looking for a way to get rid of the pews in our church office building: Used pews.com

Being sick leads to Bridget Jones style writing, am lacking proper sentence structure, too thick-in-head for decent composition.

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