Mirror, Signal, Makeup

BBC News: Fine for driver's make-up offence.

A motorist has been fined after being caught by a speed camera taking both hands off the wheel to apply make-up while driving near a north Wales town.  Pwllheli Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday how Donna Marie Maddock, 22, from Mold, was travelling at 32mph in a 40mph zone earlier this year.  She was using an eyeliner with one hand and a compact in the other.  Maddock was fined £200 after admitting careless driving.  The court heard she was banned last week for drink-driving.

Caught for careless driving after being caught for drunk driving, has she learned anything from this?  If only the driving test included a common sense and logic section ("I need at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times."  Answer "Yes", or "It Depends On, Like, The State Of My, You Know, Makeup, Right?").  Cars don't come with an autopilot!

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