Minor surgery

I should have learned this by now.  If I can see a mistake in my knitting and find it every single time I pick it up, I'm not going to be happy until I've fixed it, even if that means losing a chunk of work. My Maia shawl (Ravelry link) was on time-out while I tried to reconcile myself with 12 stitches that were knits where they should have been purls, and vice versa.  Three in each of the sections between the lace panels, thirteen rows down.

Tackled them in an empty, silent house, dropping each one down as I got to it, correcting the mistake, and putting in the knits and purls in the correct order going back up.  I'm not brave enough to drop multiple stitches at once, like Romi's frightening lace surgery.  Today I found another 8 columns that had to be fixed, and dealt with those, but by now they were 19 rows down.  This time it was just a column of knits with one purl at the bottom, which was much easier.

Got it up to row 30 of 70 on this section.  It looks like I've barely touched the first skein of yarn, and I have three skeins to play with. I'm planning to do a few repeats of the final chart to make it bigger. There's a pattern for matching fingerless mitts in the Seven Small Shawls eBook, but mittens, fingerless or otherwise, just don't cut it for me.

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