Milestones winner!

The humble colander is an item with many uses.  You can strain vegetables with it.  You can use it as an armoured hat in dressing up games.  You can throw it in the air, take poorly-lit photos, and pretend it's a UFO sighting.  You can also pull the winner of a blog contest out of it.

Colander drawing.

And the winner is...  Paul B.!  Yay, congratulations!

Sadly Paul B. is not a knitter, so I had to go back to the colander to find a second winner, and this time it was Beth S!  I'll get the yarn sent out this weekend if you could email back with a mailing address.  Thanks to everyone who left comments, that was quite a set of achievements, you should be proud of yourselves!

Hopefully my next achievement will be finishing the Eternal Sweater. I'm trying to clear the decks and get the Opal Owl socks and the trailing fuchsia scarf out of the way.

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